How to use LCD advertising machine


2024-07-08 17:27:38

Discover how to use an LCD advertising machine with our complete guide. Learn setup, features, and tips for effective advertising.

How to Use an LCD Advertising Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

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LCD advertising machine

The use of LCD advertising machines mainly involves installation, startup, content playback, timed playback, monitoring and maintenance. The following are the specific steps:

1.Installation: First, choose a suitable location to install the LCD advertising machine, usually an area with a large flow of people, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, etc. Then connect the advertising machine to the power supply to ensure stable power supply. If the advertising machine supports network function, it also needs to be connected to an available network in order to update and manage the advertising content.

2. Power on: After the power is turned on, press the power switch button and the LCD advertising machine can be turned on.

Screen layout and content playback: After the machine is turned on, you can enter the setting interface through the navigation menu or the menu button on the remote control to set the screen layout. The LCD advertising machine supports the playback of a variety of media files, including pictures, videos, audio, etc. These contents can usually be uploaded to the internal storage device of the advertising machine through a USB drive or network, or directly use CF cards, SD cards, U disks and other playback media. Before playback, you need to copy the source to the corresponding playback medium, and then insert the medium into the card slot of the advertising machine. After power is turned on, the content can be automatically played.

3. Timed playback: LCD advertising machines usually support timed playback function, which can automatically play the specified content by setting a specific time period and date according to needs. This can realize remote control, content update and other functions.

4. Monitoring and maintenance: Regularly check the operating status of the advertising machine to ensure normal playback. Pay attention to whether the power supply and network connection are stable, and update the advertising content to keep it fresh.

Kingone reminds that different brands and models of LCD advertising machines may have different operation interfaces and function settings, so it is recommended to read the product manual carefully before use or contact the advertising machine manufacturer for detailed instructions. At the same time, ensure that relevant laws and regulations are followed during use, and do not play illegal or unlawful content.

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