How to operate the integrated touch screen for teaching and conference


2024-07-08 17:16:54

Learn how to operate integrated touch screens for teaching and conferences. Get tips on setup, features, and effective use.

How to Operate an Integrated Touch Screen for Teaching and Conferences: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to operate the integrated touch screen for teaching and conference(图1)

Integrated touch screen

The operation steps of the teaching and conference integrated touch screen are as follows:

1. Turn on the machine: Turn on the power and use the remote control or the standby button on the touch integrated machine to turn on the machine.

2. Turn on the computer system: Wait for about 1 minute for the touch integrated machine to fully turn on and enter the computer system.

3. Connect to the network: Confirm that the wireless wifi device of the touch integrated machine is connected to the USB port of the back computer, or connect the network cable to the network port of the computer. Please check the network connection status in the lower right corner of the screen to ensure that it is successfully connected.

4. Use and write: After the network connection is successful, you can use the touch integrated machine for meetings or teaching. Just click on the application on the screen with your finger or stylus. This is the same as the operation method of using a general PC computer.

5. Connect to a set-top box (optional): If you want to use the touch integrated machine as a TV, you can connect it to a set-top box. At this time, the touch integrated machine becomes an integrated TV, and you can use the remote control for remote control operation.

6. Shutdown: After using the touch integrated machine, you should first shut down the computer system and then disconnect the power supply. Please avoid direct power off to prevent illegal shutdown from causing the computer system to crash.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the touch-screen all-in-one. You can use glass cleaner or alcohol to spray on a towel, and then use the towel to wipe the glass surface to remove dust. If it is a touch display, you can use a business card or hard paper to simply wipe off the dust through the gap between the display cover and the touch screen.

In terms of teaching, the teaching machine supports multi-touch, two-finger operation can zoom in or out the picture, ten fingers can be used for touch operations such as painting at the same time. In addition, the teaching machine is also equipped with electronic whiteboards, teaching courseware and other software, which can efficiently realize the corresponding teaching display and interactive functions.

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