How to buy enterprise smart screen and which enterprise conference tablet is best?


2024-07-01 14:47:38

Discover how to buy the best enterprise smart screens and find the top conference tablets for your business needs.

How to Buy an Enterprise Smart Screen: Tips and Top Conference Tablets for Businesses

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A good conference tablet is a good meeting partner, and it can also ensure the efficiency of our meetings. Nowadays, there are many types of conference tablets on the market, with uneven quality and mixed brands. For non-professionals, buying smart conference tablets is a headache. So how to buy enterprise smart screens, and which enterprise conference tablet is good? Kingone Smart Screen will give you a relevant introduction.

I. Importance of LCD screen appearance

Kingone smart screen can reach 4k high-definition resolution in terms of screen resolution, making the display effect clearer. With a 12-megapixel camera, the remote video conference video effect can be clearer. In addition, VTH smart large screen has four different sizes of screens: 65 inches, 75 inches, 86 inches, and 98 inches. You can decide according to the needs of each enterprise.

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2. Touch technology

Kingone smart screen supports multiple pen types, can modify pen thickness and color, can customize brush color and brightness, can write with the pen, delicate native writing, drag to zoom, erase with the back of the hand, bringing a hearty writing experience. Not only that, through the single touch mode of active capacitance, it achieves a professional writing experience that can only be achieved with dual touch technology, that is, it realizes hand-pen separation, dual-pen dual-color and high-precision writing. While optimizing costs, it also improves the pressure sensitivity to an extremely high level.

3. Host configuration

Kingone is a giant touch screen computer display. The CPU uses Intel Core i7 8th generation chip, with full 4 cores, 8 threads and 8MB L3 cache. The output is 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. The core graphics card supports HDR. The CPU occupancy rate does not exceed 30% at 4K resolution. It is a highly complete all-in-one machine that only needs a power cord to realize all functions.

4. Importance of complete functions

Kingone smart screen integrates computer, projector, conference software, electronic whiteboard, TV, and audio, and has functions such as writing at any time, intelligent annotation, multimedia, and remote video conferencing. It uses a 4K ultra-high-definition large screen, which can not only display high-definition pictures and videos, but also can be used as an electronic whiteboard.

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5. Software and Applications

Kingone Smart Screen is equipped with a series of applications exclusively customized by Shunshun Enterprise Service, which are mainly prepared for daily office and management of enterprises. For example, corporate academy, compliance management, financial management, or digital cockpit that can monitor public opinion in real time, etc. These are all necessary software for corporate office.

The above is the introduction about "How to buy enterprise smart screens and which enterprise conference tablet is the best". Nowadays, large-screen, intelligent and smart TVs have become an inevitable development trend in the industry. Product upgrades are the essence, and the iteration of display technology and software and hardware configurations caters to new consumer needs; content upgrades are the attraction, and the emphasis is on upgrading its own content and combination upgrades. Kingone Smart Large Screen has always been committed to serving enterprises and helping them transform into digital offices.

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