Effective placement of dynamic electronic advertising screens brings more possibilities to business


2024-07-01 14:22:08

Effective placement of dynamic electronic advertising screens offers new possibilities for business growth and engagement.

Effective Placement of Dynamic Electronic Advertising Screens: Unlocking New Business Possibilities

Dynamic electronic signage should ideally be placed in high foot traffic areas to be most effective. Here are some good locations for dynamic electronic signage:

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Open Spaces: Open areas such as cross paths and central spaces are great choices. People tend to gather here, whether to take a break, adjust their orientation, or just hang out. Not only is there enough room for multiple displays, but more people will at least pass through there.

Restrooms: Mall restrooms are one of those overlooked but highly effective locations. People can see more than one ad while they’re in the restroom.

Food Courts: Dynamic electronic menu boards for restaurants and fast-food chains are a big step up from printed poster menus. They present high-definition, tantalizing content in a dynamic, eye-catching way that whets shoppers’ appetites and helps drive sales of a variety of menu items. Videos of food being prepared or served can entice people into making a purchasing decision. Plus, dynamic electronic signage is easy to update. If a restaurant runs out of menu items or needs to adjust prices, it can be done in minutes by simply logging into a cloud content management system.

Parking: Covered parking offers plenty of space to use. Customers come and go throughout the day, and there are opportunities to catch their attention, whether they are walking by looking for a parking space or walking towards an escalator or elevator.

Digital Wayfinding Stations: Interactive digital wayfinding kiosks make it easier to reach consumers. People can use interactive maps to quickly find the best route to their destination and relevant information along the way. Through digital wayfinding, shoppers can search for a list of all shoe stores in the mall, such as keywords such as "shoes". Restrooms, exits, parking lots, etc. can all be searched on the interactive wayfinding screen. These wayfinding kiosks can be placed at entrances, cross-aisles or central areas to ensure that people pass by at least one when visiting the mall.

In-store dynamic electronic advertising screens: Whether it is a screen for employees or a screen for sales advertising or promotional activities, in-store dynamic electronic advertising screens are a great tool for retailers to enhance the shopper experience and effectively convey information. Retail dynamic electronic advertising screens not only effectively convey information, but their bright and dynamic features can also increase revenue by attracting attention and generating more interest in various transactions.

Reasonable selection of the placement of dynamic electronic advertising screens can give full play to their advantages and bring people a better experience and more business value.

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